Creating Space In Your Heart For More Love & Light

A photo of Waterfowl Lake, Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada with a big open lake like creating space in your heart for more love and light.
Waterfowl Lake, Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada
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This week, I’ve been creating space in my life and heart, and what a great feeling of freedom this provides! Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in our not-so-healthy habits and addictions that we forget to open our hearts for the love and light to enter in! When we open ourselves to love and light, it means the answers we’ve been seeking are better able to flow through us. Our intuitive knowing will then guide us to make wise choices.

In a way, this is like Spring cleaning the house, only we are Spring cleaning the mind, body, and spirit! Spring is a wonderful time of year to clear out old habits and tendencies that no longer serve us. It’s just as we would clear out the clothes closet, get rid of old papers, and clutter in the drawers. We can also create space in our lives and hearts by clearing out the heart centre to receive the light of our soul.

This photo from Waterfowl Lake seemed fitting for this post because of the wide-openness of the inviting waters I remember jumping into in the heat of last summer! A great reminder to keep my heart wide open.

When There’s No Space in the Heart

How do you feel when your heart is closed? You may have suffered a traumatic loss, been treated poorly, or rejected when you wanted to feel loved. When this happens, our hearts shut down. The walls shoot up around us, and we feel tight and constricted in the chest area. This can also happen when we have habits that don’t serve us, such as constantly checking social media. When we’re doing that, we aren’t present to life, we are usually seeking validation from someone or something outside of us. Perhaps we are needing to be constantly entertained because we’re bored or not satisfied with some aspect of our lives.

A closed heart can lead to feelings of jealousy, insecurity, grief, despair, anger, loneliness, or fear. So it’s important to engage in practices that open the heart so the light of our souls can shine through. We can both release the pain, and receive the beautiful light of the universe. This will heal ourselves and others around us.

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Creating Space in the Heart

How exactly does one create space in the heart? You may consider some of these steps:

Acknowledge Your Feelings

First, acknowledge that you have a closed heart and understand what’s behind that. Why do you feel that way? Once you figure that out, you have an idea of what needs to change, even if it’s only slight modifications on a behaviour.

Allow a Clear Channel For Feelings To Pass Through

Once you know what it is that’s holding you back and keeping you in the darkness, you have something to work with. If it hurts too much to think about it, just accept that it hurts, feel it, and allow it to pass through you. If this means blocking out all distractions so you can go inwards and do the necessary healing, then turn off what’s preventing you from moving those feelings out.

Take Moments To Pause and Reflect

Creating space in your heart means taking a necessary pause to stop, reflect, and be present in the moment. Take a break and a breather from routines you normally follow. If you always take one route, try another. This will shift your perspective, which often creates new space for creativity. Taking the time to be still is well worth it when it allows for you to see things you couldn’t see while keeping busy.

Remember Your Heart Health

If your heart feels blocked, chances are you may not be feeding it properly! Part of keeping a healthy, open heart is making sure you give it the right nourishment. Choose leafy greens, whole grains, berries, avacados, fish and fish oils, walnuts, legumes, and even dark chocolate! This will keep your system open and flowing.

Let Go of Your Fears

Part of flowing and creating space is letting go of fear. Yesterday I was in a beautiful kundalini and puja gong class. The gongs are light beings that heal, and open the channels within us that are blocked. The gongs sounded so loud and beautiful, and yet at the same time, they were quite dramatic. I commented after that it sounded a bit like a scary movie! Maybe that means I need to let go of some fear! I have all these fears that often show up in my dreams at night, so I know this is true. Let us remember that releasing fear creates a beautiful space for growth.

Take Time For Self-Care

“Our soul is like a soft and gentle flower, it needs to be nurtured, cared for, tended to, with sufficient sunlight, fresh air and freedom to bloom into its most precious and beautiful form. This, my friend, is self-love” (Miya Yamanouchi).

I love that quote as it relates to nature which I love so much. Speaking of nature, it’s the best place to practice self-care and to practice present-moment awareness. Feeling the breeze on your skin, noticing a flower glowing in the sunlight, smelling the freshness of a Pine forest…All amazing ways to clear your mind, body, and spirit and open your heart to the light that is always there within you.

Creating Space For What Makes Your Heart Sing

What lights you up? It’s a good practice to reflect on this if you’re not really sure what makes you feel happy inside. For me, it’s a lot of nature and the simple, beautiful, and yummy things in life! As the saying goes, “Whatever makes you happy, do more of that!” There no sense going through life as a miserable old grump! Find what ignites the spark of light that is always within you, and fire it up! Shine the light of your soul, and with an open heart for giving and receiving as much love and kindness as possible. This will help you, and others!

These are just a few ways for creating space in your heart so that you can experience the joys of living in a world that often seems so dark. Be you, and be free!

Lee Spirit is an avid outdoors adventurer with a love for nature, photography, health & fitness, wellness, and spirituality. She helps those who suffer from anxiety & negative thinking to become healthier in mind-body-spirit. Her own personal journey has led her to the  study and practice of mindfulness, health, wellness, yoga, spirituality, sound healing, meditation, and personal development for over 20 years. Get mindfulness, meditation, and personal development tips in her Free Natural Mind Healing Report.

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