Heart Chakra Opening: How To Love More Fully

A photo of -24C in Calgary, AB, Canada with some frozen water and some open water, trees, and snow. When our heart chakras are blocked, we get ice around the heart, and we must learn to melt the ice and open our hearts.
-24C in the city, Calgary, AB, Canada
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-24C has it’s own magical beauty, doesn’t it? In this 11-day cold snap we’re just about out of, I’ve been so grateful for the brilliant, shining sun we’ve had, the beautiful frost, and all my blessings. This was along one of my walks this week. It’s hard to believe there is any water that’s not frozen in this temperature. This leads me to my topic of the week, which is opening the heart chakra, and melting the ice we sometimes have around our hearts so that we can love more fully.

However, it may be hard to love more fully when there’s so much grief, anxiety, and fear happening in the world today. Our loved ones are crossing over, our jobs are being cut, we are isolated, and we’re afraid of what comes next. These feelings are very real and not to be diminished or pushed away. There is no timeline as to when these feelings should go away, and sometimes they never do. But when we carry grief, depression, anxiety, and anger, a thick wall of ice starts forming around our hearts. Our heart chakra becomes blocked, and our love doesn’t flow as easily.

What Is the Heart Chakra Telling Us?

The heart chakra is an energy centre in our chest area that has a lot going on. This is one place where many of our emotions reside. When we are grieving or fearful, for example, we often feel a tightness in the chest area. As such, a blocked heart chakra is often constricted, and icy. It may be harder for us to forgive others, see their points of view, and we may be resentful.

But the heart chakra is also a place we feel the energy of deep love, joy, kindness, and compassion. In this case, there is an open, free-flowing sensation at the heart centre, like a flowing river or waterfall. We give from a place of abundance and overflow of our own self-love that spills out to others. Our lives are “in flow”, synchronicities happen, and everything seems lined up in our favour. We strengthen ourselves and feel enlightened so that we can benefit others too.

Heart Chakra Balancing Act

Since there is such a range in emotions that circulate in the heart chakra area, we must learn to keep things in balance. We can get too icy, depressed, and closed off, or we can over serve, by trying to please and help everyone. In this state of contraction, we may develop unhealthy habits. Similarly, when we over-serve, we may form unhealthy attachments or obsessions, which are temporary and ultimately leads to our own suffering. Whenever we depend on anything or anyone outside of us to make us happy, we will suffer. So we must learn to balance our hearts.

Balancing our hearts starts with healing our hearts. When we heal from our past wounds, conditioning, heart-breaks, or abuse, we love ourselves into a healthy state of being. We can do this by taking good care of our physical bodies, through a healthy diet and regular exercise. The best exercises to heal the heart are yoga poses for the heart chakra. Backbends that open the heart, and lift the heart to the sky are very helpful. Cobra pose lifts the heart through pressing the hands and arms into the earth and lifting the torso while keeping the pelvic area and legs firmly attached to the earth.

Kundalini Yoga Magic for Heart Healing

We also need to heal our hearts through taking care of our minds and spirits. Through the practice of kundalini yoga, we gain a better understanding of our breath, bodies, and minds. Through breath alone, we can release ourselves from our bad habits that fall away when we focus on our breath in a regular practice, and train our minds to be still. With regular practice, our icy grief, anger, depression, and anxiety starts to melt away.

When undesirable emotions melt away, we find our life force and joy internally. We start recalibrating and rejuvenating our heart chakra, and we feel uplifted and alive. We experience calmness, peace, clarity, confidence, and new creativity emerges. It doesn’t have to be kundalini yoga that does this for you. Any practice of meditation can bring you into this blissful state with regular practice.

I love One Yoga, and here’s a great heart-opening meditation you can do to help Open Your Heart Centre.

Benefits of Heart Chakra Opening

Once we’ve melted the ice around our own hearts, we start to radiate our self-love outwards to others and we can love more fully and authentically. We have a new love and gratitude for life and all beings. We detoxify the cells in our bodies, and we feel lighter and more radiant. By changing what is inside of us rather than trying to change external circumstances, we become masters of ourselves and create our own happiness from within. There is a real shift from darkness into light, and we are more available to ourselves and others.

When we water the parched earth of our hearts, we give and receive more freely, we have a zest for life, and see all its beauty in nature. Similary, we see the soul of the person and not just the physical beauty. We forgive easily, and we set healthy boundaries. We live from our heart centre, which always knows the truth and the way. Trusting our intuition, we are guided by the truth of our souls, and we find purpose and meaning to our lives. Loving fully and freely, we attract more love and light to us by being love and light ourselves. Sparks start to fly, whether that appears as new creative juices, or intensified intimate feelings.

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I truly hope these tips on opening the heart chakra and melting the ice around the heart will help you love more fully, especially as we head into Love day weekend here! Spread the Love!

Lee Spirit is an avid outdoors adventurer with a love for nature, photography, health & fitness, wellness, and spirituality. Her own personal journey has led her to the  study and practice of mindfulness, health, wellness, yoga, spirituality, sound healing, meditation, and personal development for over 20 years. Give Your Heart Chakra an Instant Boost here!

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