Mindful Tips for 2021: Cleanse Your Soul

Photo of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with rushing waterfall and stream. It cleanses and smooths the rock just like we can cleanse and soothe ourselves, keeping mindful tips handy as we move forward in the new year.
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, USA
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2021 is upon us at last! While there is hope and faith for a smoother road ahead, we will need to practice some mindful tips moving forward. We must accept that it won’t be “back to normal”. There are going to be things that rattle us, and we may feel like we’re rolling downhill like a giant snowball.

But like this cleansing waterfall washes the dirt away, we can wash away what no longer serves us. We can soothe our souls of the suffering we may have experienced this past year. Also, we can create ourselves anew. What’s great about these strange times is that we have new space for learning and growth.

Here are some mindful tips we can bring into the new year:

Cleanse Your Body and Brain

When we drink plenty of water, we cleanse and flush our physical bodies of toxins that slow us down and give us brain fog. All the Christmas baking and chocolates we consumed may be making us feel lethargic. We may also feel unenergized to get our daily tasks or work done. It leads to the never ending sugar cravings, and then the inevitable sugar crashes!

Our bodies require a regular flow of water. Dehydration can lead to our bodies and brains shutting down. It’s good to not only drink water, but to splash our faces with water when we need to reactivate the brain! Relaxing in a hot bubble bath, or taking a cold shower can expand our auras. Remember that water can clear the body and mind, creating a more mindful nature.

Exercise and Be Mindful

The second of the mindful tips is to stay active. This can mean getting up from the laptop in your home office to stretch, or going for a short walk. It’s better if you can get the heart pumping.

In one of my recent meditations in a 28-day challenge I did, we stood up and just shook it out. Shake the legs, shake the hands, move the hips, do a little dance, or rotate the neck. In kundalini yoga we danced to the beat of some drums, and flapped our wings like a bird! Anything that gets the “prana”, or life force moving is worth doing to help keep us energized. Our heads will be clearer, and we can experience a mindful nature.

Mindful Tips: Listen To Healing Music

The third of the mindful tips is the importance of finding some music that lifts your spirits and fills you with good energy when times get tough. Whether it’s hard rock music, instrumental jazz, or the softest repetitive mantra – Whatever music speaks to your true spirit and makes you happy can be a saviour to your soul.

I personally feel a higher vibrational frequency when hearing music and a voice I love, especially live. I forget the troubles of the world like I’m hypnotized, and focus only on the healing sounds. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to experience live music in 2021! It’s the thing I’ve missed the most over the past year!

The Power of Being in Light and Nature

The fourth of the mindful tips is the healing power of light and nature. I’ve been working from home for the past 9 months and one thing I notice is how dark it gets in my home so early. I love natural light, but turning on anything but Christmas lights in the dark always turns me into a screaming vampire in the artificial light!

It’s great to get your daily dosage of natural vitamin D from the sun. Just 10-20 minutes per day is adequate, but I like to be out for an hour or more, especially in the summer. Fresh air in nature with trees, streams, and waterfalls can be very healing, can bring you into the present moment, and creates a mindful nature.

Mindful Tips: Learn To Stay Positive

The fifth of the mindful tips is training the brain to be more positive. It’s not always easy to be positive in a world that seems so dark. I often hear people feeling turned off by constant positivity when there is so much suffering and loss in the world.

Keep in mind that no one is ever positive all the time – There’s a light and a dark, an up and a down, a yin and a yang to everything. It may not always show, but underneath the surface it is there. Sometimes we need to experience the dark side in order to appreciate the light, to teach us a lesson, or to help us move forward. Keeping a balance between them is key.

Train the Brain to Release the Negative

Nevertheless, it’s good to train our minds to stay on a positive note. Past experiences can really drag us down sometimes and we can get stuck in a negative pattern of being.

Techniques to overcome these bad memories include meditation, hypnotherapy, and tapping. When we access the bad memories, we can then change the scripts into something more positive by first pulling out the shard of glass that has been embedded into your being, and then healing the old wound.

Once we heal ourselves, and love ourselves, we are better able to extend kindness to others. This makes the giver and the receiver of the kindness happy, and both feel uplifted. When we are treated kindly, we feel there is hope in the world.

If you start feeling negative, try these mindful tips, and offer some kindness and compassion to someone else. Notice how it warms another’s heart, and your own. This offers a good starting point for maintaining your mindful nature into the new year. I hope this has been beneficial for you.

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Lee Spirit is an avid outdoors adventurer with a love for nature, photography, health & fitness, wellness, and spirituality. Her own personal journey has led her to the  study and practice of mindfulness, health, wellness, yoga, spirituality, sound healing, meditation, and personal development for over 20 years. Learn how to Master Your Mind and Life here!

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